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The UMR 5316 Litt&Arts was created in January 2016, as a continuation of the former Litt&Arts Research Team (EA 7355), which itself originated from the merger of four entities:

  • Traverses 19-21 (EA 3748, Université Stendhal - Grenoble 3) created in 2003 to group together previous units;
  • RARE, Rhetoric from Antiquity to the French Revolution (EA 3017, Université Stendhal - Grenoble 3) created in 1998;
  • CRI-EMC2-LSG, which brought together the Centre for Research on the Imaginary (EA 610, Université Stendhal - Grenoble 3) created in 1966, and Emotion Mediation Culture Knowledge - Grenoble Sociology Laboratory (EA 1967, Université Pierre-Mendès-France - Grenoble 2) created in 2010;
  • the Grenoble branch of the UMR LIRE (UMR 5611 CNRS) created in 1995.

The founding of UMR 5316 Litt&Arts gave rise to the development of trans-secular and transdisciplinary Research Themes, supported by Research Centres working in fields ranging from Antiquity to the hyper-contemporary.

From 2016 to 2020, under the leadership of its first director, Francis Goyet, Litt&Arts was structured and developed, focusing on two main areas: the Digital Humanities, in particular through Élan Digital Literature and Arts, which works on a wide range of scientific projects, and through interaction with the MaCI (Centre for Creation and Innovation) for research and creation in film, theatre, dance and circus arts.

UMR Litt&Arts is a vibrant laboratory that is constantly evolving and building on its two major focuses, while carrying out research on all fields of literature studied at the Research Centres. Its members are united by shared beliefs about the value and importance of the Humanities, the need for high-quality research combining specialisation and multidisciplinarity, and the dissemination of knowledge and research findings.

Submitted on 30 October 2023

Updated on 29 January 2024