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Research themes

Litt&Arts’ research activity is divided into four main cross-disciplinary themes. The cross-disciplinary research themes studied by Litt&Arts are all trans-secular, reposition traditional disciplines in broader contexts, and propose innovative ways to combine research and creation, knowledge and experience, teaching and experimentation.


New Philologies

Theme 1 “New Philologies” is unique in that it combines traditional philological research with an in-depth exploration of the uses and functionalities of digital technology in connection with the studied topics.

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Translation, Transmission, Reception of Literary Texts

Research in theme 2 focuses on translation, transmission and reception of literary texts, from Antiquity to the present day.

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Creative Experiences

Creation, a word that is common to stage and screen arts, literary, sociological and media studies, signifies the processes that give rise to a work and the work itself. Creation is both an act and a result, crafting and opus.

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Transversality of Digital Humanities

Digital humanities are understood here as the set of data science methods and tools applied to the sciences of the arts and humanities, as well as the questions they raise.

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Submitted on 31 October 2023

Updated on 29 January 2024