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Direction: (Isabelle Cogitore)
Deputy co-direction: (Anne Garcia Fernandez)

Research support division

Administrative and financial manager: (Ludivine Raimondo)
Communication and editing secretariat: (Julie Ridard)
Financial management: (Magali Garnier), (Clothilde Belfiore) and (Diego Vidal)

ELAN (Élan Littératures et Arts Numériques)
Coordination of ELAN - Application design, development and deployment: (Arnaud Bey)
Data processing and analysis: (Anne Garcia Fernandez)
Digital corpus editing: (Serena Crespi)
Network administration - Application integration: (Rachel Gaubil)

Research themes

The UMR Litt&Arts (joint research unit) brings together research professors who work in all areas of literature—ancient and modern, French and comparative, literary didactics, the sociology of art, the anthropology of the imaginary, digital humanities and performing and screen arts.

One of Litt&Arts’ main aims is to carefully analyse what “literary” may signify in the 21st century, when literature has taken such a wide range of forms and whose importance must continually be affirmed. Another goal is to give meaning to the name Litt&Arts by considering the modernisation practices and interpretation techniques at work in our relationships to text, image, screens and the stage.

Research is based on four main cross-disciplinary themes:

All of these overarching research areas are trans-secular, reposition traditional disciplines in reworked contexts and propose innovative ways to combine research and creation, knowledge and experience, teaching and experimentation.

Research activities are supported by seven research centres:


The organisation chart (in French)
The internal rules (in French)

The logos :
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   CNRS (compte Janus)

Submitted on 30 October 2023

Updated on 11 March 2024