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Litt&Arts is affiliated with the CNRS Humanities & Social Sciences (section 35 of the National Committee) and with Université Grenoble Alpes (Humanities and Social Sciences department).

The Litt&Arts research unit brings together approximately 70 research professors, the same number of PhD students in Literature and Performing Arts, a CNRS researcher, and is supported by a group of five digital humanities engineers (ELAN) and five administrative staff.

There are many ways to join our team through a permanent position depending on your profile and career plans:

  • as a researcher
  • as a research professor
  • as an engineer or administrative staff member

or for a temporary position:

  • PhD
  • internship
  • postdoctoral ATER and engineer positions

We also welcome associate members, visiting members and research professors as part of a CNRS delegation.

CNRS research

Every year, CNRS organises competitive entrance examinations for researchers and senior researchers. The Litt&Arts unit (UMR 5316, CNRS/Université Grenoble Alpes) invites candidates for CNRS section 35 competitive entrance examinations who would like to request the support of our unit, to contact us to discuss your plans.

The unit’s research is based on four main themes:

and the research activities are supported by seven research centres:

Please contact the heads of the research themes and centres to consider the possibility of conducting your research with our UMR.
You must submit your application as soon as possible (if possible by the end of November) and include at least the following documents: CV, thesis defence report, covering letter and research project (including in a working draft).

It must be sent to the following address: (directeur-littearts[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)

For your information, the timetables for the CNRS researcher/senior researcher competitive entrance exams are usually as follows:

Early December CNRS publishes positions open to competitive entrance exams
Early January Deadline for submitting applications to CNRS
Spring Selection of candidates to be interviewed
Spring/summer Interviews and selection
Autumn Beginning of position at assigned unit


Lecturer/Professor competitive entrance exam at UGA

Every year, based on the national timetable, UGA recruits lecturers and professors affiliated with Litt&Arts. Candidates may find information about research themes and centres on this website. They may contact the heads of research themes and centres to request further information.

Find out more about research professor recruitment:

ITA and ITRF competitive entrance exams

Every year, depending on the unit’s needs and the possibilities provided by our supervisory authorities, we may obtain research support or administrative positions. When such opportunities become available, they are listed in the “Employment Opportunities” section on this page.

If we have not obtained a position but you wish to apply anyway, you may send an open application to the research directors. We encourage you to look at the REFERENS map and think about the areas of professional activity (BAP) and type of position (or types of positions) that best fit your profile.
Contact: (directeur-littearts[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)

Submitted on 30 October 2023

Updated on 11 March 2024